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Superhero Pet Fashion Show

It's a superhero pet fashion show! Dress up your pet(s) as a superhero and share photos and/or videos to the Flipgrid!

Time: Anytime!

Location: Anywhere!

Additional Information: Click on the Flipgrid link. If you don't have an account, it will ask you to sign in. It will then take you to the grid for this activity. Find the BIG +, click it and follow Flipgrid's prompts. Upload a photo or video of your pet dressed as a superhero! Have fun!

Join code: 854225b4


SteillyCon Cosplay Party

Join forces to do good and strengthen our community.  Dress up as your favorite pop culture icon and be ready for a night of fun! Look out for some special guests!

Time: 6 - 7 pm

Location: Pioneer Middle School

Additional Information: Activities will include: photo booths, community art projects, games, a mobile game truck and a mascot drive- thru including Blitz from the Seahawks!

Photos from SteillyCon 2019

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